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By era Medieval None
16th Century None
17th Century Katherine Earle
18th Century None
19th Century None
20th Century Joan de Carteret, Rose Lund
21st Century None


Name Image Description Century
Katherine Earle Katherine Earle (Unknown - 23rd May 1661) was a resident of Rhodes (now known as Royds Green) who was accused of witchcraft. 17th century
Joan de Carteret
Leodis-ID-2002222 44762820.jpeg
Joan de Carteret (26th July 1924 - 28 August 1975) was a councillor who served as the last Chairman of Rothwell Urban District Council and as the first Lord Mayor Elect of Leeds Metropolitan District Council. 20th century
Rose Lund
Leodis-ID-2002222 44762820.jpeg
Rose Lund (c.1922 - 20 March 2000) was a councillor who served as Chairman of the Rothwell Urban District Council from 1972 to 1973. She was one of the first councillors to represent the new Rothwell ward in the Leeds Metropolitan Council in 1974. Lund would go on to serve as Lord Mayor of Leeds in 1986. 20th century
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