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Places in Rothwell
Buildings Rothwell Castle, Rothwell One Stop Area Office
Other Rothwell Country Park, Possible Roman settlement (Rothwell Haigh)
People from Rothwell
Katherine Earle


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: Roman
: Medieval
: Tudor
: 17th Century
: 18th Century
: 19th Century
: 20th Century
: 21st Century


Name Built Type Heritage status
Rothwell Castle
11th century Manor house Scheduled Monument
Rothwell Castle was a timber castle or fortified manor house, which was built by Ilbert de Lacy in the 11th century. The manor, given its close proximity to Pontefract Castle, would have only been a satellite but would have been important as an administrative centre. The remains of the site are now a scheduled monument. Some notable nobles stayed in or owned the castle, with both King John and King Edward II staying at the manor and John of Gaunt owning it. Over several centuries, it fell to ruin and was rebuilt or modified, until eventually the last building on the site was demolished in 1976.
Rothwell One Stop Area Office
19th century Civic building
The Rothwell One Stop Area Office, formerly known as the ‘Rothwell Urban District Offices’ and more commonly as the ‘Rothwell Civic Building’, is the historical administrative headquarters of the Rothwell Urban District Council and later was used as offices for Leeds City Council. The building was constructed from stone with a Gothic revival clock tower in 1895. It was expanded in 1940, and in 1974, it was renamed 'Rothwell Area Office' upon integration of the Rothwell Urban District into Leeds Metropolitan District. In the 21st century, it served as a One Stop Centre for Leeds City Council, but was declared surplus to requirement when the One Stop Centre merged with Rothwell Library to form the Rothwell Community Hub. Following this a local community group attempted to have ownership of the building transferred to the community, but Leeds City Council sold the property to a private company in 2023.


Name Image Description Century
Katherine Earle Katherine Earle (Unknown - 23rd May 1661) was a resident of Rhodes (now known as Royds Green) who was accused of witchcraft. 17th century
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